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CSPDI is formed to enhance the clinical skill and knowledge of dental professional and to facilities the benefit to the root of the society. Oral diseases are one of the most significant public health problems because of their high prevalence, impact on individual and society especially in rural and strata of lower socioeconomic status. Almost every school going children & non-school going children, adults are affected in various forms of dental problems. At early age, increasing addiction of tobacco pouch, pan, bidi and cigarette in the society causing oral cancer and other chronic systemic health problems. Periodontitis & dental caries are the major oral health problem of the society if left untreated they ultimately leads to the major health problem in the form of partial and total tooth loss that makes the human orally handicapped. Tooth loss (86% in age of 65 to 74 years) is one of the major consequences of the oral diseases and poses a huge problem in the steadily increasing ageing population in the society. An epidemiological study over the Indian population shows dental caries and periodontal diseases are widely distributed throughout the country and require major attention in public health program. It is great concern for the health care personnel to develop a Preventive and Interceptive program and Protocol for the oral diseases in the society. Such kind of oral health program will be helpful in terms of public health awareness about their better health to minimize patient’s morbidity. CSPDI regularly organizes various scientific and public health program in collaboration of leading dental professionals and health care professionals at institutions and social set up.

Our Objectives :

  • To provide cost-effective dental treatment to the most needed population of the society.
  • Free online assistance to dental graduates and practitioners.
  • Opportunity to present scientific papers and expert in National conferences of the society.
  • Exchange of clinical skill at par with the international standard to work in the field of innovation Implantology.
  • To update and train dental mechanics working on root level without exposure to modern technology & equipment.


The society is providing annual and lifetime membership to those interested with a nominal membership fee. Scientific works and case reports of the members will be published free of cost in the journal of the society.

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